Dave Parry

Dave Parry, senior vice president and general manager of the server and platform group, joined SGI in 1992. He is responsible for the design of server systems based on both MIPSŪ and Itanium Processor Family microprocessors and for the development of SGI high-performance MIPS microprocessors. Most recently, Parry served as vice president of engineering, Advanced Systems Development, where he was responsible for the design of MIPS microprocessors and MIPS processor-based server systems, including the SGI Origin 3000 series of servers.

Prior to joining SGI, Parry worked for MIPS Computer Systems, where he worked on the MIPS R6000 microprocessor and associated RC6380 server system. After SGI's acquisition of MIPS, he worked as the engineering lead on the Power Indigo2 PMT module and in various management roles on the SGI Origin 200, SGI Origin 2000, Gigabyte System Network (GSN) and SGI Origin 3000 series programs.

Prior to MIPS, Parry came from Hewlett-Packard where he worked on high-end processor and server system design.

Parry holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.