Dr. G. William (Bill) Walster
Computer Systems Research, DARPA Project
Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Bill Walster is responsible for Sun's development, implementation and support of interval technology. With interval arithmetic, it is possible to perform machine computations with guaranteed accuracy and to solve nonlinear problems for which there is no other known solution, including: nonlinear global optimization and the solution of nonlinear systems of equations.

Prior to joining Sun, Walster was the director of research for computation and algorithms at the Oregon Advanced Computing Institute (OACIS). While at OACIS, Walster initiated a cooperative effort with academia and industry to develop innovative numerical software products. Previously, as a senior staff engineer at Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. Inc., Walster established and directed a special project computer facility and led the development of new systems engineering analysis technology.

Walster's academic career began at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where as an assistant, associate, and full professor he taught and conducted research in applied statistics. Walster left academia for Control Data Corporation, Lockheed, and OACIS to implement support for interval arithmetic in commercial compilers and to apply his research in statistics, interval analysis, and nonlinear global optimization.

Walster's professional activities include participation in a number of research grants, more than 20 published papers in computing, statistics, and numerical analysis and over 15 technical presentations at various conferences and universities.

Walster received his Ph. D. at the University of Minnesota and his B.A. at Stanford University.

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