Glenn Bontje
HPTC Business Development Manager
HP Canada Co.

As HP's lead HPTC hand in Canada, Mr. Bontje is responsible for all
aspects of HP's presence within the HPTC market, including systems
based on Itanium, XEON, Alpha and PA-RISC technologies, Grid tools,
development software and services.

In 20 years with Digital Equipment, Compaq and now HP, he has been
responsible for technologies like Attached Array Processors for VAXen,
massively parallel MIMD systems, and the original air-cooled Cray.
More recently, he has concentrated on clustered computing solutions
based on Alpha and Itanium processors.

Glenn has a BSc. in Computer Science from the University of Calgary, a
loving and patient wife, three teen-aged kids, and a mortgage. When
not on airplanes or trying to converse with PhD's in arcane
disciplines, he sings baritone with the Calgary Philharmonic.